Free Dog Stroller Rentals at the South Cariboo Visitor Centre in 100 Mile House British Columbia

Promoting Local Tourism One Dog Stroller Ride at a Time

Promoting Local Tourism One Dog Stroller Ride at a Time

Dog Quality is proud to announce the launch of a pilot project with the South Cariboo Visitor Centre in 100 Mile House, British Columbia, making our Dogger strollers available as free rentals to people traveling with their pets. Pet parents can now check out a Dogger stroller free of charge and use it to explore the area with their dogs.

What many people don’t realize is that dogs can’t always walk for as long as we would like them to whether it’s because of age, health, size, or heat, there are many reasons that having a dog stroller can really help. Dogs can still walk for part of the trip but then they can ride in the stroller for a break or to cool down enabling the parents to go out for much longer and travel much greater distances than would be possible without the stroller. So what better way to check out the 100 Mile House area?

100 Mile House Dog Stroller Map

Places to Visit in 100 Mile House with your Dogger Stroller

There are so many amazing places to explore in 100 Mile House with your Dogger stroller. Right outside the visitor center is the 100 Mile Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary with a super easy 1.5 km trail that takes you around this wetland habitat giving you some incredible birdwatching opportunities. You can even store your binoculars in the underneath storage basket of the Dogger so you don't miss out on any of the countless birds or wildlife in this area.

For those who would like to extend their marsh walk further, you can divert to the Exeter Valley Accessible Nature Trail which takes you alongside a creek, a beautiful forest and views of meadows. The 700-meter loop also takes you past the local dog park which is a fully enclosed doggy playground that you can stop and enjoy with your dog.

But that's not all! People traveling with their dogs can also use the Dogger stroller to explore the downtown area with so many unique shops and stops to visit.

Just east of downtown, you can take your dog to Centennial Park which has so much to offer with its vast green lawns, walking trails and creek-side views, there is no shortage of beauty and wide-open space to enjoy.

A must-visit with your Dogger stroller is the Bridge Creek Falls which you can access either from Centennial Park or through the Municipal Campground trails just off Horse Lake Road. Here you will find an easy 600-meter trail that takes you alongside the gorgeous Bridge Creek and right up to its incredible waterfall. This trail has lots of shade and a couple of calm spots where your dog can step into the water safely to cool off in its clean and refreshing water. 

Another less-known but equally beautiful set of trails to check out when you are exploring 100 Mile House with your dog is the campground trails, which you can either access from the Bridge Creek Falls (there is a trail with a pretty steep incline you can take) or from the campground itself found off of Horse Lake Road. If you enter from the campgrounds you can take a short 300-meter trail down to the falls or if you prefer a longer walk, you can take your stroll along the 600-meter trail that takes you through a lush forest with lots of shade to help keep everyone cool. This trail ends right at Centennial Park where you can continue your journey.

Whichever place you choose to visit you can be sure that it will be a unique and memorable experience like no other. Your dog will have a blast sitting up high enough to take in all the sights and you can enjoy being able to see so much of the area in a way you may never have experienced before. These are truly special memories you will be creating and while travel is fun, it is always better when you can enjoy the experience with your dogs at your side, walking and rolling. 😍

To discuss implementing a Dogger rental program in your area, please contact Ann-Marie Fleming.

Ann-Marie Fleming is the Founder & CEO of Dog Quality, a provider of innovative assistive products focused on improving the quality of life for older dogs and the families that care for them.