Why an IVDD Pet Parent Gives the Dogger a Big Thumbs Up

Why an IVDD Pet Parent Gives the Dogger a Big Thumbs Up

Why an IVDD Pet Parent Gives the Dogger a Big Thumbs Up

Wendy Haines runs a dog health blog, Cherished Hound, aimed at helping her fellow dog parents manage an intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) diagnosis in their pooch, prevent IVDD episodes and help dogs achieve optimal health. Her adorable 12-year-old miniature dachshund, Isabella, was diagnosed with IVDD in August 2017.

Wendy has been able to help Isabella recover from two major IVDD episodes without surgery and has been managing the disease with a healthy lifestyle and IVDD protocols. Cherished Hound is a valuable resource for learning about and dealing with IVDD because Wendy has waded through the research and as she says, she’s “been there, done that.”

Cherished Hound at the beach in her Dogger™

Wendy recently wrote a post about the Dogger explaining why she thinks it’s the ultimate dog stroller. I’m so honored that she considers the Dogger one of her essential tools and that it has helped her continue to bring Isabella on adventures, while keeping her safe and comfortable.

It was important to Wendy to include Isabella in her activities so she searched for the perfect pet stroller that was well built, secure and would work in any situation. The Dogger checked every box and in her post, she talks about why. 

Another great adventure in our Dogger™

Thank you, Wendy, for spreading the word about the Dogger!

We’re thrilled we’ve been able to help you and Isabella live your best lives. Be sure to check out Wendy’s post to learn more about why the Dogger is her stroller of choice.  

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