Is Your Pooch Slipping on the Floors? Dog Socks Can Help!

Is Your Pooch Slipping on the Floors? Dog Socks Can Help!

Is Your Pooch Slipping on the Floors? Dog Socks Can Help!

Help Your Senior Dog Find Grip and Confidence Again with Non Slip Dog Socks

As dogs get older, arthritis, general leg weakness and hip problems are more common and these mobility issues can make it difficult for your pooch to navigate certain surfaces like hardwood, laminate or tile floors. If your dog is constantly slipping and falling or has trouble getting up and down, it can cause them to lose their confidence and, suddenly, they’re afraid to go from room to room or up the stairs in your home. Their world shrinks and it takes a toll on their quality of life.

Years ago, my own older dog Mackenzie would constantly fall because his legs would give out on my hardwood floors. I tried putting down rugs but he always seemed to find the parts of the floor that weren’t covered and eventually just gave up walking across the wood or tile. The experience spurred me to create our Grippers™ non slip dog socks in order to ensure senior and disabled dogs can stay on their feet and freely get around the house with confidence. Here are some tips for finding the best dog socks for your furry family member’s needs:

Make Sure They’re Truly Non Slip Dog Socks

One of the reasons I took matters into my own hands and designed our Grippers non slip dog socks is because the other dog boots and socks I had tried were missing some important features, namely a high-quality rubber grip that goes all the way around the paw. It’s rare that a dog can make it through the day wearing dog booties without them twisting or turning, though wearing the right size will keep it to a minimum. Dogs love to run around, kick, burrow, jump and roll. When I tried dog socks that had grip just on the bottom, my dog would slip and slide if the sock got twisted or tangled on his foot. Grippers non skid dog socks have an innovative grip that wraps around the entire paw and we use high-quality rubber that’s safe for pets and actually works. No matter how turned around the socks get, your dog will continue to have the traction they need.

Finding Dog Socks in the Right Size - Fit Matters!

A common complaint pet parents have is that they can’t find dog socks that stay on. Part of the reason for this is it can be difficult to find the right size. On the Dog Quality website, we have a sizing guide you can use that simplifies things by breaking down which size dog socks you’ll need based on your dog’s breed. You can also go by weight and paw measurements. Dog booties or socks that only come in small, medium, and large probably won’t work that well unless your dog happens to fall exactly in the middle of one of the sizing categories. That’s why Dog Quality dog traction socks come in seven different sizes. 

If you decide to go by weight and paw measurements, while your dog is standing, measure flat across his or her paw at the widest point. If the width of their paw doesn’t match the weight category, contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect fit. For dogs that weigh more than 60 pounds, we recommend finding the size that lines up with their width and then going one size up from that.

Dog with dog socks on paws  German Shepard mix with Grippers on paws

Consider Your Pooch’s Lifestyle When Selecting Dog Footwear

Many dogs are sensitive about their paws being touched and some don’t allow it at all without a struggle. If your dog goes outdoors frequently for potty breaks having to take their socks off and put them back on multiple times a day can be a huge pain. Grippers are waterproof and the whole paw is covered in a soft, rubber coating. That means they can be worn outside and you don’t have to remove them whenever you leave the house. Even though Grippers are waterproof dog socks, the rubber coating doesn’t provide traction in the snow or ice, so I wouldn’t suggest wearing them in those weather conditions. However, the socks will withstand most other conditions and keep paws dry.

Comfort is Key When Selecting Paw Protection

Not all dogs are thrilled with the idea of wearing something on their feet, especially at first. Finding non-slip dog socks that are comfortable will go a long way in helping your dog accept them. From my personal experience, I’ve found that Grippers are much more comfortable than dog shoes or dog boots and all of my seniors have been a lot more willing to wear them without a fuss. That’s because the socks have a more natural feel as compared to shoes.

Also, dogs with mobility issues already have trouble lifting their paws high enough when walking, which is why so many scuff their toes. Dog shoes and boots make walking even more difficult for most seniors. Socks are usually the better option. Overall, I tried to balance function with comfort and that’s something all dog traction socks should aim for.

Now that you know how to find the best dog socks for your senior or disabled dog, shop Grippers today. Help your dog rediscover their confidence and inner puppy!

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