Case Study: How the Dog Quality Dogger Buggy Changed My Older Dog’s Life

Case Study: How the Dog Quality Dogger Buggy Changed My Older Dog’s Life

Blackie in Dog Quality Dogger Buggy

I firmly believe in staying active and having adventures with your dog as they age. In fact, exercise and mental stimulation from walks are even more important in a dog’s senior years. It helps keep them young and wards off obesity, depression and other health issues. So, when my own senior dogs began experiencing mobility issues, I looked into pet buggies as a solution. While there were plenty on the market, there weren’t any that were geared towards older dogs or that could handle all kinds of terrain. Since I live in British Columbia, Canada, taking advantage of the outdoors and the hiking opportunities is important to me. I also love running with my dogs. So, something durable that would work just as well for a jog as it would on a mountainous hiking trail was a must. Eventually, after trying different products and having no luck, I took matters into my own hands and started my company, Dog Quality.

The Dog Buggy

I created the Dog Quality Dogger Buggy with senior dogs in mind. It’s really the sturdiest, smoothest, most comfortable ride available and I knew other pet parents could use a product like this too. The Dogger is made in Canada and I carefully source all of its parts. Each stroller is assembled and tested in-house, so we can ensure it’s the best possible quality. A few important features include:

  • A spacious basket, making it the perfect dog pushchair for large dogs or multiple small dogs
  • Real rear suspension, which allows you to easily go over cracks, bumps and obstacles
  • Mesh windows that provide maximum visibility
  • Basket positioning that gives dogs a spectacular view ­– the basket is situated higher than it is on most other dog buggies
  • A removable rain cover and a canopy that can be used in different positions
  • 360-degree maneuverability because the front wheel can swivel
  • A soft pad for your fur baby’s comfort
  • Rear shocks and 12” air-filled tires for the smoothest ride possible
  • Adjustable handle bars, underneath storage and a foot brake
  • Collapsible for storage even in small spaces
  • An all-terrain, jogging buggy design so dogs and their humans can get outdoors and keep moving

Specialized assistance products, such as our dog jogging buggy, can be truly life changing for dogs and pet parents alike. They allow you to enjoy your time together and help give your dog the quality of life they deserve. One of the pet parents who has experienced the power of choosing the right products for their dog is Alan Short who has a 10.5-year-old cairn terrier, Blackie.

Dogger Buggy With Foot Brake - Dog Quality

Blackie’s Challenge

Alan and his wife live in Kings Lynn, England with Blackie. He and his wife are retired and they enjoy daily walks. However, Blackie sustained a leg fracture and could no longer get around like he used to. This made going for walks a challenge and meant he had to take frequent breaks. Thankfully, Alan started looking online for a dog buggy almost immediately because he didn’t want to leave Blackie at home. He knew he needed something that was an “all rounder.” After comparing the Dogger to other dog pushchairs, he felt it was the most well designed and practical for his needs. Shortly after kicking off his search, he ordered the Dogger.

Enjoying Walks Again

Though Alan notes that Blackie "can be extremely stubborn,” he says as far as the Dogger is concerned, Blackie immediately enjoyed it. He has used the Dogger almost daily since purchasing it. Blackie is able to walk when he wants and then rest in the Dogger. By being perched up high, he can take in the sights. When Blackie’s ready, Alan can simply lift him out of the dog buggy and let him walk again. They can repeat the process of walking and resting as many times as they need to.

“As we live close to the coastal resort of Hunstanton, we tend to walk along the cliff top,” says Alan. “Blackie took to the Dogger from the word go and enjoys the attention he receives while in it. Mobility issues haven’t affected his quality of life thanks to the Dogger.”

Dogger Buggy With Roomy Basket - Dog Quality

Why the Dog Quality Dogger Buggy?

The Dogger has all of the features Alan needs to make sure Blackie is comfortable and able to enjoy walks and fresh air. It’s a great dog buggy for casual strolls in downtown Kings Lynn when shopping or grabbing a bite to eat. However, the maneuverability and real rear suspension mean it’s also a smooth ride along the cliff tops or on trails in the area. Alan and his wife can take advantage of their retirement and soak up the seaside scenery and Blackie can join them in spite of his injury. They’re able to put items in the storage area and head out for as long as they’d like.

A Final Word from Alan

“My advice to other pet parents whose dogs are dealing with mobility issues is to do your research and take a look at the available pet buggies but, in my opinion, the Dogger is the best choice.”

Do you want to give your disabled or senior dog the gift of mobility like Blackie and see the difference it makes in both of your lives? Shop the Dog Quality Dogger Buggy and enjoy adventures together. 

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