Happy Mini Tails April by Dog Quality

20 April, 2015

April brought us more amazing happy tails from traction and protection with our socks and diapers to freedom in our Dogger stroller. Bella and Buttercup show off their Washable Wonders dog diapers giving them and their parents peace of mind, Bailee, Buddy and Daisy can once again travel across their hardwood floors without fear of falling and Nipper goes shopping in his Dogger stroller.


Washable Wonders Dog Diapersclick to zoom

Bella tells us that her mom is letting her back up on the bed again thanks to her new diapers, which makes her (and her mom) very happy.


Washable Wonders Dog Diapersclick to zoom

Buttercup and her family are very happy with her new doggie diapers - isn't she adorable?


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom

Slippery hardwood floors are no match for beautiful Bailee in her Grippers dog traction socks.


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom

Buddy is loving his gripper socks. He can get up without help! Now he's so much more mobile.


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom

Daisy (15 1/2 yrs) is a lot more stable on their wood floors and walking much more confidently now with her Grippers dog socks.


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom

Nipper went shopping at the Super Pet Expo where he was able to show off his Dogger, proving it to be the Cadillac of dog strollers.

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