Happy Mini Tails - December

Happy Mini Tails - December

December was another fantastic month for happy tails from our amazing customers. Words cannot express how much it means to us to know that our products are making such a difference in the lives of senior dogs and their families. Here is a look at December's stars! Athena's search for a diaper that fits finds success giving this old lady the comfort she deserves. Butterball, Fozzy and Buster are finally able to go on walks again while Annie, Penelope and Finnegan find the stability they need on those slippery floors.


Washable Wonders Dog Diapersclick to zoom

Wow!! We have just received the new diapers for my 11 y.o. Boxer Athena and they are amazing!! The other diapers, in order to fit her waist, were way too big around the back part and consequently drooped down between her legs and rubbed the skin... but because of the snaps that can shorted up the distance across the back, these fit her perfectly!!! Thank you so much.


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom

Meet sweet Penelope (14 yrs). Her dad John Pollock from Black Mountain, North Carolina, tells us that she can now get up much more easily from the floor thanks to her Grippers dog socks and as a bonus, she is now as quiet as a ninja!


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom

Here's a big shout out to Dog Quality. Annie - our 13 year old hunting dog still works hard in the field, but she has a hard time standing on our hardwood floors. These booties work wonders for her. Thank you Dog Quality!


Grippers Dog Socks and Washable Dog Diapersclick to zoom

Finnegan proudly wearing his Grippers dog socks and Washable Wonders male diaper. Looking good!!


Dogger strollerclick to zoom

I received my Dogger a few days ago and put it together in a snap all by myself! That PROVES it's crazy easy! The quality of the parts and wheels just makes me feel so satisfied with my purchase! Plus, it's so darn good-looking! But most importantly, I can now take my little furry guy out for his walks he so desperately wants and NEEDS! He LOVES it! Butterball (9 yrs) is comfy, happy, and secure. Thank you for making such an amazing product that benefits all of our furry friends who need a little help to get around.


Dogger strollerclick to zoom

This stroller is fantastic! It was a snap to assemble, easy to store and a very smooth ride. It is by far the sturdiest dog stroller on the market. The stroller is so handy for those long walks that I love to take around Vancouver, Fozzy still walks for a few kms but then gets tired and is happy to be taken for a ride. We certainly get a lot of attention when we go out and I rave about the stroller! Well done, we love all of your products!

Buster & Tate

Dogger strollerclick to zoom

This is Buster (my 11 year old who cannot use his hind legs and is incontinent and using your belly bands) and my new 7 month old Tate. Buster was so miserable when we would have to leave him behind during our walks with Tate, so we got the Dogger to be able to take him around with us. He is loving it! We are all very impressed with the quality of the Dogger and will be using it a lot to tote the old man around.