The Ultimate Dog Belly Band Test - Managing Dog Incontinence

The Ultimate Dog Belly Band Test - Managing Dog Incontinence

Managing dog incontinence or excessive marking is challenging to say the least. I live it everyday with Milo, but the great thing is you do have options. My goal with Dog Quality is not only to create great products that help our older dogs, but I also want to make this process as easy as possible since most products need to become part of our daily routine. Ultimate Dog Belly Band Test - Washable WondersOne great example of this is our Washable Wonders dog belly band, super easy to use, fits male dogs great and what's really unique is the different fabrics that we use.

The baby world gets credit here because that is where we turned when we were looking for the most effective and comfortable material to use.  As a result each belly band has an inner layer of absorbent microfiber and the outer material is super soft and very waterproof, making for the most effective belly bands available today.

One of the most surprising things to me about other belly bands is that you always have to use a pad with them, most times people use disposable pads which can be costly and terrible for the environment. With our belly bands, as you will see shortly, they can be used on their own thanks to the absorbent microfiber and waterproof protection, and if your dog has significant volume, you can always add one of our triple layered washable pads inside to give you even more protection.

To help show you just how awesome these dog belly bands are, Milo and I came up with what we feel to be the ultimate dog belly band test. Milo my senior pug mix has both incontinence and marking issues so we use these dog belly bands on a daily basis. To show you just how much protection they provide we decided to take the test outdoors where Milo cannot resist marking every blade of grass. The difference this time is that he'll be doing it while wearing his belly band! Check out the video below to see the results of our outdoor experiment :) 

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