Testing Our Grippers Dog Socks Outdoors as a Paw Protector

Testing Our Grippers Dog Socks Outdoors as a Paw Protector

Winnie loves her walks but unfortunately she always seems to get sore spots on the bottom of her paws which become very tender. Rather than cutting back, I decided to see how well our Grippers dog socks performed outdoors as a paw protector so we could prevent the raw spots from forming.

Being able to wear these outdoors is also helpful for those dogs that scuff their toes due to mobility issues, especially since they have a rubber coating that covers the whole paw making them more durable than other dog socks...and even if they twist there is still protection. Well we went out for a 40 minute walk and the results were terrific.

Winnie was super comfortable in them and when I checked her paws at the end they were in perfect condition so I will definitely continue using them on her. So not only do they help give grip on indoor surfaces such as tile and hardwood, but they also work great as an outdoor paw protector! What a nice bonus! :)

Check out our video showing you how well they worked for Winnie throughout this outdoor dog sock test:

For more info on our Grippers dog socks for indoor grip or outdoor paw protection, please visit: http://www.dogquality.com/products/grippers 

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