Grippers Dog Socks - Snow Test

Grippers Dog Socks - Snow Test

Over the holidays we had a chance to test out our new dog socks called Grippers to see if they could also help dogs with trouble walking in the snow. This of course is not the main purpose of these dog socks; they were designed to give dogs traction on slippery indoor surfaces like tile and hardwood, but after seeing the problems Ozzy was having with the snow clumping in his paws, we thought what the heck, let's see if they can help.=Grippers dog socks in snow

To be honest, when we put them on Ozzy and went outside, we had no idea if they would help. The first thing we noticed is that they didn't provide improved grip on the snow, not totally surprising given it is snow after all, but something worth noting. Please do not use on ice though since they do not provide grip and can make it more slippery for your dog. They were however great in the snow in terms of protecting his paws from the uncomfortable snowballs and scraping that snow can cause.

He walked in them for almost an hour without the need for any adjustment - they stayed in place perfectly and he seemed super comfortable wearing them. In fact we have never seen Ozzy so happy to be walking in the snow, it was really cute.

Here is the video we made to show you how they worked - check out the fast feet Ozzy has once he doesn't have to deal with the snow bothering his feet.



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