Introducing Grippers - Innovative Dog Traction Socks for Older Dogs

Introducing Grippers - Innovative Dog Traction Socks for Older Dogs

We are super excited to introduce you to our very own non-slip dog socks called Grippers™. These dog socks are very unique in that the entire paw is covered with a soft rubber that provides grip for your older dog or disabled dog on slippery surfaces such as tile and hardwood.

The advantage of having the entire paw covered is that when the socks twist, which is inevitable with socks, your dog still has the traction they need. On the dog socks available today you will find that when they twist the grip ends up on the wrong side and your dog ends up with zero tractionGrippers Traction Dog Socks

Why is traction important? Prior to having a senior dog I would not have realized how much difficulty they can have on tile and hardwood. As dogs get older, or if they have a disability, the instability in their legs make it very difficult for them to get solid footing on these surfaces and the result is that they often slip or fall.

My heart would skip a beat seeing Mackenzie hit the floor hard when his legs would give out on our hardwood - it broke my heart. No matter how many rugs I would lay he would find the slippery parts. Eventually he just stopped wanting to walk across these floors and who could blame him.

Grippers traction dog socks are a way to give your dog the stability they need, keeping them safe from injury in the process. The other super cool feature of these socks is because the entire paw is covered in a waterproof rubber coating, these dog socks can also be used outdoors. A large number of dogs do not enjoy or allow you to touch their paws, so not having to take them off when they need to go outside is a huge benefit. 

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