The Evolution of Dog Strollers

The Evolution of Dog Strollers

I think it is always important to look back to remind ourselves how far we've really come. Recently I have been doing this with dog strollers, thinking about what we did before these were available. The concept of providing our older dogs with mobility aids is certainly not new, in fact people have found creative ways to transport their dogs for decades. What is new is the innovation and quality that has evolved over the past 5 years becoming what we know today as the dog stroller.

Early day pet strollers ranged from a board with wheels to wagons...some people became a little more creative and shopping carts were transformed into dog carriers and trailers added to bikes. It was not uncommon to see doll or baby strollers used despite the lack of proper fit, but as you can imagine none of these options really provided the full solution. Safety, comfort, durability all of these factors need to be considered and while I applaud the intention, I am so happy we have evolved beyond those days.

When pet strollers eventually hit, the market was forever changed. Mainly suited for teacup breeds, most strollers were lightweight and convenient, but did not provide much in the way of stability making them unsuitable for dogs greater than 15 lbs. Larger strollers have since been introduced and the industry is evolving and now, at a time when the senior dog population is at its highest, pet parents are only accepting the very best for their four legged family members, raising the bar even higher.

As more and more people are treating pets as members of their family, the demand for higher quality products has increased significantly. Gone are the days where pet products can just be "good enough" that is no longer acceptable, they need to be totally awesome. As a result we are seeing new products emerging that match or even exceed the quality you would find in the baby world. These new products are causing quite a stir since many pet suppliers have been around for years without much change or improvement to their products.

As a dog parent and Founder of Dog Quality I am one of those people pushing for the bar to be raised beyond anything the industry has seen before - yes it makes product development more challenging and more expensive (often the excuse made by producers of low quality products) but I wouldn't have it any other way. Our pets deserve the best and when they need help in their senior years, the best they shall receive.

One example is the  Dogger dog stroller which represents the next generation of pet strollers adopting design elements and quality that the top baby strollers enjoy. So say  goodbye to flimsy, so long to uncomfortable and hello to durability, maneuverability and freedom for you and your older dog. We know how much you love your older dog so we are proud to give you the best option on the market.

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