Improving your Dog's Dental Health with Dog Chews

Improving your Dog's Dental Health with Dog Chews

Through my own experiences and through speaking with many vets on the subject of dog dental disease, in particular as it relates to older dogs, I have become obsessed with dental care. If you are like me you have probably underestimated the impact that poor dental health can have for your senior dog, but it is time to change that. It is time to make proper dental care a top priority for your dog because without healthy teeth, your senior dog isDog Dental Chews susceptible to a long list of possible medical consequences from infections to organ damage and beyond - it's mind blowing and unbelievably scary.

As a result, my goal is to help make caring for your dog's teeth as simple as possible and that is the motivation behind our new dental section - effective, easy to use products that will help you keep your older dog's teeth healthy.

Here is a review of the Nylabone Dental Chews - check out the reaction from our helpful dog volunteers Paige and Ozzy :) I bet you didn't expect that something so effective could also be so popular among dogs.

As I mentioned in the video, please know that dental care products are meant to help protect and maintain, but if your dog's teeth are already in a severe state then you really need to see your vet. Age is not a disease and you would be amazed at how safe dental surgery is these days, even for our seniors.

Once your dog's teeth are under control then these dental products are fantastic at maintaining dental health. If your dog's teeth are still healthy then these products will help you prevent dental disease from creeping in.

When you see how easy it can be, you really have no reason to not add some of these dog dental products into your routine.