Dog Quality Hits BC's Western Pet Expo

Dog Quality Hits BC's Western Pet Expo

We have had a very exciting past few days fresh off our participation in PIJAC's Western Pet Expo held here in BC. This event was Dog Quality Hits BC's Western Pet Expodirected towards pet industry professionals such as pet stores, groomers, pet services etc and represented our first big opportunity to get our products in front of local pet retailers. Here's some behind the scenes footage of our experience. I have an overwhelming urge to share every step that we take to grow our business.

I feel like all of you are a part of this and I want to share each milestone with you so that one day we can look back on this time and say remember when. :) The show was a big success for us. We now have 5 stores across the lower mainland testing out the Dogger and its accessories (drink holder, safety lights & memory foam pad) as well as our Washable Wonders dog diapers and pads.

I am confident that once pet owners see our products they will fall in love with them so I am very happy to see retailers starting to introduce these senior dog products into their stores. We also had meaningful conversations with several other BC based stores so hoping to find success in follow up conversations.

Recording the interactions in the booth was tricky since when we are speaking with people there is no one to record...I think I need to invest in a tall tri-pod to truly capture the vibe next time. I realized something important at this event and that is the power of seeing our products up close and personal. The impact they made and the amazing feedback we received may not have been possible if these items were not there in front of them so they could touch and feel them (and in our case also push them).

As a result, I see that trade shows need to play a key role in our marketing efforts and we look forward to doing many more - some retailer based, but also consumer facing shows. A very special thanks to Ozzy - the true star of the show!! :) Thanks for sharing this experience with us.


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