Sneak Peek: New Eco-Friendly Washable Dog Diapers from

Sneak Peek: New Eco-Friendly Washable Dog Diapers from
Over the past few months we at have been hard at work developing a new line of eco-friendly washable dog diapers. The motivation for these products was based on consistent feedback received from senior dog owners who have been frustrated with the dog diapers currently on the market. Key issues include:
  • Disposable dog diapers can be expensive since an older dog struggling with incontinence and bowel trouble will often go through multiple diapers each day.
  • The current washable dog diapers available today are more like diaper covers since they require an owner to insert a disposable pad to provide the necessary absorbency. Inserting a pad can also be expensive and is not very comfortable for your dog.
  • Using disposable products rather than reusable can be extremely damaging to the environment. Disposable diapers and pads, just like disposable baby diapers, typically end up in landfills and have been estimated to take 250-500 years to decompose according to a study by the Women's Environmental Network. Yikes!

Taking in all this feedback we wanted to create a truly environmentally friendly, comfortable, absorbent, waterproof and cost effective solution for dealing with dog incontinence and bowel troubles. As a result, we created the Washable Wonders™, self-absorbent, reusable dog diapers which do not require a pad insert because of a super soft and extremely absorbent microfiber lining, which holds up to 7 times its weight in liquid. The diaper's outer shell is made of  a waterproof  PUL material which will keep your carpets and furniture dry.  So soft and comfortable for your dog and so effective for your peace of mind. These dog diapers will come in a variety of sizes to fit small, medium and large dogs. We have created two styles of the Washable Wonders™ - a full diaper style and a male wrap design. Initial testing has been completed and further modifications have been made based on the results. We are currently in customer trials.

We have 12 customers with dogs (male and female) suffering from incontinence helping us with the final round of testing.  Final modifications will be made based on their feedback to ensure that we bring the best dog diapers to market. I hope you are getting as excited as I am about the help these diapers will give to owners and dogs alike. Here is a sneak peek: washable dog diaperfemale-prototype1 dog-wrap2 male-wrap1 microfiber