Dog Sock Review - Older Dogs Get a Grip

Dog Sock Review - Older Dogs Get a Grip

We put these dog socks with grips to the test to see how helpful they could be for older dogs suffering from arthritis, hip problems or general leg weakness who have trouble walking on slippery surfaces like tile or hardwood.

dog-socks-1If you have ever had your  senior dog on hardwood or tile surfaces you know that if there is leg weakness it can be very difficult for your dog to walk or even stand. These dog socks called Power Paws are made by Woodrow Wear out of California. Woodrow Wear was kind enough to send us some samples to review, something we very much appreciate.

These dog socks are a cute blue with a paw print tread underneath and a white dog bone print on the top making them not only practical, but quite stylish at the same time. Thanks to the help of a nine year old Yorkie named Monty, a 14 year old Yorkie-Poo named Sheba and a 13 year old pug named Mackenzie you will see in the video below exactly what they thought of these colourful dog socks.

The biggest plus for these dog socks is how comfortable they are for dogs. Speaking from experience, placing footwear on a dog is not always well-received. As a result, I was honestly not sure what to expect from these dog socks, but each dog acted as if they had nothing on which blew me away. In fact they put them to work instantly the minute we put them on which was great to see. Who knew something as simple as socks with grips could make such a difference for older dogs.

Senior dog owners will be very relieved at the results from these terrific dog socks and their four-legged family members will no longer struggle on hardwood or tiled floors. For more info on dog socks for senior dogs please visit: