Orthopedic Dog Bed Video Review - Finding Comfort for Older Dogs

Orthopedic Dog Bed Video Review - Finding Comfort for Older Dogs

Older dogs spend a considerable amount of time sleeping so just imagine if during that time the bed could be working to help relieve the discomfort caused by arthritis and other joint problems. In this video review we take a close at an example of a therapeutic dog bed.

This orthopedic dog bed by Slumber Pet first caught my attention because it is veterinarian recommended for relief of discomfort caused by arthritis and hip dysplasia - two common conditions faced by older dogs. This unique bed uses memory foam, which does a great job of evenly distributing your dog's weight, thereby relieving pressure on sore joints.

One of the things I love about memory foam is that even though the thickness is more like a mat, the comfort level is the equivalent of a bed 3 times its thickness. It also has a washable cover which is a must-have for any dog owner. 

This will be a two part review - the first portion shown here takes a look at the features of this dog bed, while part 2 will summarize a week's worth of use of the bed by Mackenzie, my 13 year old Pug who suffers from arthritis. My goal is to see if he likes it, uses it and most importantly, to see if there is any improvement in his stiffness, which is at its worse when getting up from a nap.

In this video I show you the largest size of this orthopedic dog bed (47"x29"), which is a perfect size for large breeds or smaller breeds that like their space. There are several sizes of this dog bed so you can choose the perfect fit for your dog. I do however have one disclaimer I must mention before watching - please excuse the butt sniffing.