Premium Disposable Dog Diaper Review - Are they Worth the Money? by Ann-Marie Fleming

14 September, 2009

As many of you know we talk a lot about dog diapers as an important way to help senior dogs and one of the themes that comes up over and over again is the problem some breeds have with keeping a diaper on. We recently showed you a washable diaper that does a great job of staying on your dog, however up until now we didn't have a solution for those senior dog owners who prefer the disposable dog diapers, but have breeds with trouble keeping these diapers in place.Premium Disposable Dog Diaper Review - Are they Worth the Money? Some people prefer the disposable dog diapers, but for others these simply do not stay on their dogs long enough to be an effective solution to unwanted accidents.

I have been on the hunt for a solution to this challenging issue and I am excited to announce that we have found a very cool disposable dog diaper that actually stays on your dog even if they are running around your house. They are called Do-rite diapers. I have to describe these as premium disposable dog diapers because  you will quickly see that they are quite a bit more expensive than traditional disposables, but once you try them out you will see why. These diapers are of very high quality and have a truly innovative design, which is what makes them such an effective product.

They have a much higher waist line that any diaper on the market today, which makes them suitable for both male and female dogs. They are made of a very unique woven fabric that allows the sides to stretch to fit your dog properly, while remaining comfortable and they come with a stretchy set of suspenders that keep the diapers where they need to be - on your dog.

Unfortunately you need to pay for that effectiveness. These diapers are approximately 5 times as expensive as regular disposables. I myself much prefer using washable diapers, but for those who prefer something they can throw away rather than wash then these diapers may be just what you were looking for. I'll let you decide if they are worth it.

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