Community Dog and Cat Blood Donor Program

Community Dog and Cat Blood Donor Program

By Stuart Fleming

Definitely not something you hear much about but certainly no less important. Beth Davidow, a blogger at, explains that a blood donor clinic for cats and dogs is important because like humans they need blood transfusions.

She continues, “Dogs and cats are subject to many of the same injuries and diseases as people and thus blood products are an important treatment, especially in the emergency unit and in our ICU”.

Blood donor programs are also useful for cats or dogs who suffer from Anaemia – low red blood cells that cause weakness and shortness of breath. They help provide blood transfusions in instances of natural clotting problems or unnatural cases like when an animal eats rat poison.

I know that with our aging 13 year old Pug there may be instances where surgery is needed and knowing that there is a supply of blood available to allow for such things puts my mind ease. This is a program that we must continue to support so that the supply remains accessible year after year. Full Article