Life As It Should Be!

Life As It Should Be!

By Stuart Fleming

How does he do it? Living with Mackenzie our 13 year old pug is a lesson of contentment. I don't know if it is something that happens when you reach the twilight years of your life but 'Big Mac' as I refer to him seems to take pleasure in everything he does, be it eating, sleeping, walking, and what I believe is his favourite...pooping.

Don't get me wrong, I think it can be argued that most dogs regardless of age seem to have fun in doing all of these things. However, I firmly believe that as Mackenzie has gotten older he has come to really savour every moment of each of these activities.Life As It Should Be!

He is a breed that naturally has character but when you watch him eat he takes time outs after each bite to lick his chops for half a minute and then continue. When you watch him sleep, he has waking moments where it seems as though he is reflecting on the best times of his life. He really does make living look, not just easy, but truly tasteful.

Like every minute is another serving of his favourite meal. I love it and am thankful I get to enjoy it every day. It is a great reminder of how enjoyable life is when we slow it down to a manageable pace.