Is there a Dog Heaven?

Is there a Dog Heaven?

Anyone of us who have lost their dog has probably asked the question "what happened to my dog after death?" Even those people who are not religious have posed the question of afterlife. I know because I have done the same.

I read a great article the other day entitled Do pets go to heaven? It depends on your religion and what I liked about this article is that is showed the various perspectives across a variety of religions such as Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhism, Judaism, American Indian, Hindu and others. Each religion sees the question of a pet's afterlife differently.

If I was to pull the most consistent point made across the different belief systems I'd say that if a pet makes your life better then once they pass they will be reunited with you once again in the afterlife. So what if you don't believe in the afterlife? Many people don't believe in Heaven for humans let alone pets. I believe that religion and spirituality is a very personal experience and how much or how little is up to each person. Religion offers comfort for many but questions for others.

One thing I do know is that the idea that there is a perfect place where we will all be reunited with our pets is a dream come I believe it exists? Well that's a loaded question. As I have mentioned in previous posts I have recently lost the love of my life, my French Bulldog named Churchill who was 12 years old. When he left I wanted nothing more than to know we would meet again or to somehow get a sign from him. I can't say that I believe in a dog heaven, but I have been thinking about another theory which says that energy cannot disappear and that it needs to go somewhere. What form that takes or where it goes I have no idea, but if this theory is true it means that Churchill is still around and that is comforting.

Am I 100% sure? No, not at all, but maybe that is the point. Maybe it is good for us to not know everything. Maybe the quest for answers is more important than getting to the absolute truth. So what does that mean exactly? Well it means that if you believe in dog heaven then great because it means you always have your dog in your heart and on your mind. If you believe that energy transforms but never leaves, then the same holds true. The bottom line is never stop thinking about the pets you have lost because one thing I do know for sure is that if you keep remembering them and how much love they brought to your life, then they can never be truly gone.