Have you ever thought about cloning your dog? by Ann-Marie Fleming

21 October, 2008

As our dogs get older you can't help but worry about how much time is left and if you are like me you start to overthink each sound or change your dog goes through. Eventually you have to put all your worrying aside and just embrace each day and know that love, happiness, some cool products to help them get around and a good diet can combat many of the challenges of aging. But what about the notion of cloning? Have you ever thought about having your dog's DNA preserved to one day go through a cloning process?

Well this is a topic that is getting discussed more and more these days and one that is no longer just a plot in a sci-fi movie. Cloning is quickly becoming a reality as companies like BioArts International make this service possible. The price is around $150,000 and unlike movies such as the 6th Day, cloning does not produce an exact replica of your beloved four-legged friend.

As I discussed in an earlier blog on cloning I am unsettled yet curious about the process. I am torn because of a personal experience I am going through with the loss of my best friend Churchill, my 12 year old Frenchie and so this concept, this possibility, is intriguing to me, but at the same time super weird. If cloning was covered by pet insurance or was under $5000 would people be flocking to these companies? Is it the price tag or the act of cloning itself that has created so much mixed emotion on the subject? 

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