Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

We have started shipping a large portion of our US orders from a US based warehouse in an effort to significantly improve transit times. When shipped from the US warehouse it typically takes 2-4 days. Some items still need to ship from our Canadian location such as Doggers and amputee diapers and can take 6-10 business days to reach most locations. For shipments within Canada it usually takes 3-6 business days depending on your location. Since we are located in British Columbia, delivery to the West is quicker, deliveries to the East take a little longer. 

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

We can ship to P.O. Boxes through the postal service, but UPS and FedEx require a full street address.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our products all over the world. For UK and European customers we recommend ordering from our UK website: to ensure faster shipping and more affordable rates.

How much does shipping cost to the US?

Shipping to US locations using the standard option starts as low as $4.00 USD. We offer free shipping on orders $75 and over.

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will gladly accept your return and provide a refund. You may return unused merchandise within 30 days of the receipt of your purchase for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping. We do not charge any handling or restocking fees. Exchanges can be made for in-stock merchandise. Please note that return shipping costs, especially on large items, may be more expensive than what you originally paid because we subsidize a percentage of the shipping costs on orders, but cannot do so for returns. We encourage you to email us before returning an item since often times issues can be resolved through some helpful tips.

What happens to returned items?

We handle returns on a case by case basis, but a large portion of our returns are donated to rescues dedicated to helping senior dogs.

What is your mailing address?

Our Canadian mailing address is Dog Quality, 530 Horse Lake Road, Unit 10, 100 Mile House, British Columbia, V0K2E1 and our US mailing address is: Dog Quality C/O IronLinx Fulfillment, 578 Rosedale Rd, STE27, Kennett Square, PA 19348

I live in the United States and tried to place an order but my card was rejected, why would that happen?

Our company is in Canada, likely your card has a block on purchasing outside of your country. A quick call to your credit card company to let them know you would like to make this purchase should resolve this issue.

I am trying to order a product, but I am unable to add it to my shopping cart. What am I doing wrong?

More than likely you are trying to order an item that is temporarily out of stock. If this is the case, you will see an Out of Stock message appear on the page. Often times the same item also comes in a different colour so you can always try ordering that colour.

Why do I need to give the 3 digit security code on the back of my card?

We require the security code for your protection and the Company's protection. It ensures that you have the actual card in hand. Most credit card fraud happens when the perpetrator does not have your card, only your number and expiry date. If you place an order with an incorrect security number it will be flagged as fraud in our system and your order will be subject to additional verification. Your order will not ship until verification has been established.

Can I place an order over the phone?

If you prefer to place an order over the phone or if you have questions you would like to speak to one of our Customer Service Reps about, please give us a call at 1-866-297-5979.

Product FAQs

What does the Dogger come with?

The Dogger includes a rain cover for those wet days and also has a pad for inside the basket. The drink holder, safety lights, mini pump and a memory foam pad are sold separately.

Will the Dogger fit more than one dog?

The Dogger can hold up to 60 lbs - it would not fit a 60 lbs dog, but it can hold multiple smaller dogs. The smaller the dog, the more dogs that can fit. The interior basket measurements are 27”L x 13.5” W x 20”H.

What does the Dogger warranty cover?

The Dogger's 2 year warranty covers all frame related parts, but does not include the fabric or the tires. If you have any questions or concerns about your Dogger please reach out - we are happy to help.

How much air do the tires need?

The easiest method for filling your tires is to use a simple bike pump such as our Dogger mini-pump rather than a gas station pump. Gas station pumps increase the risk of over-inflation which can damage your inner tubes. When adding air with the bike pump, please ensure that you add enough air so the tires feel firm but not rock hard - in other words you should still be able to squeeze the sides of the tire in with your fingers. If you are located in a hot climate, we recommend putting a little less air in since extreme heat can expand the inner tubes.

Can I adjust the shocks on my Dogger?

The shocks are highly adjustable and it's easy! To increase or decrease tension in the shocks you will need a Phillips screwdriver and a wrench. The screw and nut are just above the shock. When tightening to increase tension in the shock, use the screwdriver to hold the screw and tighten the nut with the wrench. It will take several turns of the nut to feel the shock tighten. DO NOT USE the screwdriver to tighten as you will likely strip the screw. You must tighten using the wrench. To reduce tension in the shock, hold the nut in place with the wrench and loosen with the screwdriver - when loosening it is fine to use the screwdriver. Again, just a little adjusting at a time until you have it just the way you like it.

My front wheel on my Dogger wobbles, what can I do?

If you find that your front wheel is shaking or wobbling don't worry - all this requires is a very simple adjustment. First remove the black plastic wheel cover that sits above the front wheel held in place by four screws. Once removed, you will see a nut holding the front wheel in place. Then using a wrench, turn the nut a very small amount at a time until the wobble is gone. If the wheel becomes stiff that means you have tightened it too much and you will need to loosen the nut slightly until you have the maneuverability you need.

Can I jog with the Dogger?

Yes you can definitely go jogging with your Dogger, in fact that is where its name comes from Dog + Jogger = Dogger. To see a video demonstration of jogging with the Dogger click here.

How does the Dogger fold?

You can easily fold the Dogger by pulling up on the finger grips found on each side and pushing down to complete the fold. Once folded you can secure the folded Dogger with the latch found on the side of the frame. To watch a demonstration please click here

How much weight can the Dogger hold?

The Dogger can hold up to 60 lbs. A dog that weighs 60 lbs would not fit in the basket so it is important to ensure that your dog would fit comfortably within its dimensions 27”L x 13.5”.

How do I release the buttons to raise and lower the front of the basket on my Dogger? They seem to be stuck.

Sometimes during shipping the buttons that allow you to raise or lower the front of the basket can get stuck. The easiest way to release them is to press each button with both your thumbs until they release. You may need to place your Dogger back into the folded position first and then press the buttons to release them. Once released you will not have this issue again.

How much does the Dogger weigh?

With all the wheels on the Dogger it weighs approximately 24 lbs. You can make lifting it into your car even easier by first removing the wheels which drops the weight down to roughly 17 lbs.

What are the dimensions of the Dogger when folded?

When the Dogger is folded, with the wheels still on, it measures 38 1/2"L x 24"W x 18 1/2"H.

How do I wash my Grippers and Washable Wonders diapers?

Washing Instructions


  • Hand or machine wash in warm water
  • You can soak in warm water with laundry detergent
  • Air or hang dry
  • Do not put in the Dryer

Diapers and Belly Bands:

  • For best results pre-soak soiled items prior to washing
  • Secure velcro before washing
  • Hand or machine was in warm water using regular laundry detergent. Adding in some white vinegar can work wonders!
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener as they can damage the waterproof coating
Are your diapers waterproof?

Yes, all of our dog diapers and belly bands are made with a waterproof yet breathable PUL material - the same waterproofing technique used by the top cloth baby diapers. In addition, each diaper and band is lined with a soft and absorbent microfiber.

How do I know what size of diaper or belly band my dog needs?

Measure around your dog's waist, which is approximately 2" in front of their hind legs to find the appropriate size for that waist measurement. For our belly bands, if your dog is at the end of a range we suggest going up to the next size. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to recommend the best size.

Do I need to use pads with your diapers & belly bands?

Not necessarily, depends on the situation. The diapers themselves are very absorbent, but you may want to use the pads for heavier urination times such as overnight and travel. Many customers also use them when the dog is in heat. They are completely washable. The pads are also great at helping to keep your dog dry as they wick the moisture away from their body.

How do I make the diapers smaller?

There are two ways to make the diaper fit smaller. You can overlap the Velcro to make the waistline snug and you can use the small white plastic snaps to cinch up the diaper.

What's the difference between the female and the male diapers?

The male diaper is longer and wider than the female version to account for the differences in anatomy. To ensure the best fit we recommend choosing the correct design for your dog.

My dog is in heat will your diapers work for that?

Yes you can definitely use our diapers to help manage your dog's heat cycle. Adding a pad is useful too as they are completely washable and there are 10 in a package.

Do your diapers work for dogs with bowel problems?

While designed primarily to protect against urinary incontinence, we have many customers that use the diapers to help with bowel incontinence. The unique tail hole does a great job at keeping everything inside, helping to protect against unwanted accidents.

How do I make the belly band smaller?

Each belly band can be made very small using the thin strip of Velcro, which you would fold up and attach to the larger section of Velcro on the same side. Once you have connected it you would then wrap the band around your dog and secure to the large Velcro on the other side of the band.

Why is the elastic down the middle rather than along the sides?

Our belly bands use a unique design which has the elastic running down the middle to ensure that it hugs your dog's body. When you have the elastic along the sides it creates a pocket in the center where urine can pool and gaps can form, especially when your dog sits. This pocket and these gaps are where leaks can occur. Our design eliminates this issue and creates a super comfortable fit for your dog.

How do I know if I should use a belly band versus a dog diaper?

If your dog only has urinary issues then we recommend the belly band. It gives the dog more freedom. If he has both bowel and urinary incontinence, the full diaper is the better option. For long-bodied dogs we recommend belly bands over diapers to ensure fit.

How can I avoid the belly band from sliding down on my dog?

If the belly band is sliding this could be because he needs the next size up which gives you more width, or it could be that you do not have the band tight enough. Another solution is to use the belly bands with our Stretchable Straps which do a great job of keeping our bands and diapers in place.

How do I know if my dog needs to use a pad inside their diaper or belly band?

If there is heavy urination and you feel you would like some added protection then the pads are a great option. By using pads you can also save on the number of times you need to wash the dog diaper and/or belly band.

How do I know what size pad to get?

We recommend using the XS pads with the XXS diapers and XS belly bands. Size Small works best for both the XS & Small diapers. Medium pads for our Medium diapers & belly bands and Large pads for our Large diapers and Large & XL belly bands.

How many pads can you use at once?

You can use as many diaper pads as will fit, but do keep your dog's comfort in mind.

How do your pads keep dogs dry?

The pads are made with a soft and absorbent microfleece top layer and 2 microfiber layers which really absorb the moisture. It provides a breathable alternative to disposable pads. The white microfleece side should be placed up towards your dog, allowing it to wick moisture away, helping to keep your dog dry.

How do I know what size Grippers socks to get for my dog?

It's very important to measure the paw then check our sizes. For the length measure underneath from the toe pad to the last pad. For the width measure flat across the top of the paw at the widest part not including the sides. Alternatively, you can have your dog standing on a piece of paper and then mark both sides of the paw and measure the distance between these marks. If your dog is 60 lbs + we recommend going up one size from where the width matches on our sizing. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to recommend the best size.

Can your dog socks be worn outside?

Yes, the soft rubber coating creates a waterproof barrier so these dog socks can be worn outdoors. Many of our customers find them effective as paw protectors.

How long can my dog wear the socks?

Your dog can wear the socks for long periods of time, however we suggest testing him for a couple hours first and extending the intervals from there to ensure your dog is comfortable with his/her new footwear. We also strongly recommend taking them off at night.

Why does my dog walk funny when wearing your dog socks?

It will take a little bit of time for your dog to adjust to their new footwear but they will soon forget they are wearing socks. To help them along try using a treat and walking backwards to get them walking. The more they walk, the more comfortable they will feel.

Are your dog socks breathable?

Because the paw area of the socks are dipped in rubber they are not completely breathable, but since there is a layer of sock between the paw and the rubber, it makes a big difference compared to footwear that has no layer in between. The rest of the sock is very breathable.

What happens if the dog socks don’t fit?

Our goal is to get the best fit possible for your dog, that is why measuring is important. If the socks do not fit please let us know; we will likely ask you to send us a picture with your dog wearing the Grippers to assess fit and ask you to re-measure so we can recommend the best size. We would send out a new pair of Grippers if needed. Once you receive the Grippers and make sure they fit, we would have you donate the pair that didn’t fit to a dog rescue or your vet so another dog could benefit from them. Please keep in mind that the socks do need to fit snug and will stretch.

Can your dog socks be used in the snow?

Our socks were originally designed to provide traction on indoor flooring, but some customers have also found they have helped protect against snow clumps. However due to the rubber material, they do not provide any traction in snow or on ice and will not prevent your dog from slipping.

Do I need to assemble your bed ramp & couch ramp?

Yes, there is some assembly required but not to worry, we have included written instructions with each ramp and a link to an easy-to-follow instructional video. We also encourage you to reach out to us with any questions and we are happy to help.

Can the safety rail be installed on either side of your ramps?

Yes, you have the option of installing the safety rail on either the left or the right side of the ramp.

How much weight can your ramps handle?

Both our bed ramp and our couch ramp can easily handle 130+ lbs in weight.

How would I clean the non-slip rubber flooring on your ramps?

To clean the rubber flooring you can vacuum any dirt or fur and then if needed, wipe down with a damp cloth. Avoid using paper towel otherwise it will leave white traces in the rubber, so it is best to use a fabric cloth.

Are your ramps adjustable?

In order to maximize stability, our ramps are not adjustable, but can work well with beds several inches higher or lower than the stated height.