Gentle Rise Pet Steps - 4 Step Dog Stairs

$164.95 USD

Best Dog Stairs for Tall Beds

Our Gentle Rise Pet Steps are designed to be the safest, sturdiest, and easiest-to-climb dog stairs for beds available today. This 4-step version is 21" tall, ideal for most tall beds up to 26" in height.

Jumping on and off beds is unsafe for dogs of any age, but can be especially disastrous for seniors, especially given the height of today's beds. It is essential that as pet parents we find a way to allow them to access our beds as safely as possible, avoiding injuries and preserving their independence in the process. 

Safety rails on both sides of the steps help to keep your dog safe and make your dog feel secure and confident. The rails also help to ensure that your dog doesn't cheat and try and jump off the steps early.

Thanks to the extra width and depth of each step there is plenty of space for your dog, big or small, to feel confident going up and down. And we made sure that the height of each step is very low so that dogs with mobility challenges can still manage to climb our steps with ease.

Our pet stairs are built from beautiful pine wood, making them lightweight yet very sturdy. Each step also has a non-slip ribbed carpet for maximum grip, comfort and confidence. 

Designed for dogs of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, these dog bed steps are safe, stable, and strong, giving your dog a feeling of security when using it and giving parents peace of mind. Weight capacity is not an issue, as it can easily handle more than 160 pounds! 

Customer Reviews

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Lurvey, S. (Winnipeg, CA)
Excellent product

We love the four step gentle rise stairs. Great quality, easy to put together and our pupper loves them too. We also have a dogger stroller and it’s one of the best purchases we ever made. Hands down, Dog Quality has exceptional products. We have placed our orders directly on the business website and have skipped the middleman. Smooth transactions and excellent customer service. Quick delivery. We highly recommend their products.

Kenneth K. (Easton, US)
4 step dog stairs

Fabulous item! It is beautifully and meticulously crafted; actually an attractive piece of furniture.

Assembly was straightforward and easy, requiring no more than 1/2 hour. Everything fits perfectly, so no jiggering needed

Most importantly, my 13 year old, 20lb. pug took only one day to learn how to climb it, in order to visit, nap and sleep with my wife who is bedridden.

Before we received the stairs, access to my wife’s adjustable bed was via a well constructed yet slightly shaky pet ramp, which my dog was reluctant to climb. The new stairs are solid and sturdy, without a hint of unsteadiness. Moreover, the side rails seem to have eradicated any fear of falling, which same fear we humans shared and is no longer a concern. As a bonus, the side rails add to the aesthetic of the item

I can’t think of any negatives. This is a great product.

Best regards,

Ken Kramer, M.D.