Replacement Velcro Straps (Set of 4)

$1.99 USD

Replacement Velcro Straps for Grippers Socks

Each set of Grippers dog socks comes with a free set of 4 Velcro straps, but you can also purchase replacement Velcro straps should your original straps become worn.

Not every dog needs Velcro, but if you find the socks are sliding down they can be helpful. Best placement is around your dog's ankles mid-way down on the socks.

Please select the Velcro that corresponds to the size of socks you previously purchased. Velcro can be cut down to size if needed.


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Lisa N.
Best Customer Service and Great Product

While the first size didn’t fit, the CS team quickly got another size out and had me donate the first. When on my dogs paws the boots worked GREAT!! It was the first time Lucy could walk confidently around our house! Unfortunately she would have none of it. She just chewed them right off! She would work on those straps for hours. I’ve given up for now, but will definitely try them again in the near future!

Julie F.

Works well. Thank you

Carol T.
Just what she needs

These anti slip socks help my boxer from sliding as much on the laminate vinyl floor. She has arthritis and walking is a challenge some days. I take them off when she is outside, they catch on the sidewalk with her gate.

Liz J.
Work but fall off.

Totally helps my old pup from slipping on the floors. I just wish they wouldn’t fall off. She doesn’t mind wearing them, but the Velcro doesn’t really hold them up like I wish they would.

Cara F.
The best customer service! 🤗

The grippers work really well for our senior dog on our hardwood floors!! We ordered the wrong size initially but Toni-Ann took us through a step by step on how to measure properly and now we have a perfect fit! She allowed us to donate the original purchase to our local dog shelter (which we did) rather than return them! Just fantastic!