Wet Dog Diaper Bag

$12.95 USD

Diaper Bag for Dirty Diapers & Belly Bands

Wet dog diaper bag to help keep dirty dog diapers tucked away until you have time to wash them. Leak proof and traps odors inside. Great for storing those dirty dog diapers while at home or when traveling.

Two sizes are now available in Traditional Black, Avocado Green or Hunter Green.

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Customer Reviews

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David B. (Edmonton, CA)

Love the bag! I just wish the diapers could be as moisture resistant as these bags are. Nice waterproof interior that seems to keep the smells inside the bag while I wait to I have enough for a full load.

Not sure if it’s safe to machine wash. (Would love clarification on that.)

Thanks David. So glad you like it. Our diapers are actually made from the exact same material as our bags, but with the added layer of microfiber. In terms of washing the bag you can machine wash on cold or warm with regular detergent, but best to hang dry since the heat from the dryer can erode the waterproof coating over time.

Thanks again.

James H. (Zionsville, US)
Great product - Diaper Bag for Dirty Diapers!

It is causing me to add an extra pre-wash cycle, but it's better than soaking them in a bucket with detergent until there's enough for a load.

Amanda T.
I really want them to work

I ordered the extra small diapers and harness for my13 year old 12 lb pug, there has been two occasions where the poop has fallen out of the tail opening. I did two orders and I’m using 3 diapers for the time being, I’m contemplating returning a second shipment I didn’t open. These are not cheap. I was hoping this was the answer for my aging incontinent girl....

Hi Amanda,

Sorry to hear. Would you be able to send us some photos of your pug wearing the diaper so we could take a look? I used our diapers for years with my pug for both bladder and bowel incontinence so I would like to see if we can give you some tips that might help.


Sheldon L.
Diaper bags.

Very good product and works well

Barbara D.
Helps to keep the smell down!

Great bag for storing pee pads, towels, etc. until I have a load to wash. Contains the smell and the bag itself can be washed when needed. Very handy!