Dogger™ Rear Wheel

$16.95 USD
Rear wheel replacement for the Dogger stroller. Can be used on either side of the rear axle.

Customer Reviews

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Karen R. (St. Petersburg, US)
Easy off and easy on

Just a push of a button to change old tire for new one

Samantha S. (Muscle Shoals, US)
Super Fast replacement

Something happened to one of our wheels. Not sure what, but all of a sudden, it wouldn't hold air. Must have punctured it somehow, but couldn't locate the hole. Anyhoo -- we cannot be without our Dogger, so I ordered a replacement. Not only was it totally affordable, but we got it in just a couple of days. Super fast turnaround. Super easy to install.

Nancy W. (Oxnard, US)

Replacement tubes were out of stock so I bought 2 rear wheels which was affordable. It was so easy to replace. My dog has ivdd and so I use the dogger 3x daily for our 'walks'. Can't live without it!

Kathryn S. (Fort Myers, US)
quality carrier

wheel installed so easily

Ilona B.

I love my Dogger. I had to replace back wheels since I wrecked one of mine using my dogger as a walker when I hurt my foot in the trails and forgot my phone to get help, it was pouring rain so there was no one else on the trails. The Dogger gets 10 stars out of 5 from me. Also the support staff that helped me order my replacement wheels was so nice and helpful I give 10 out of 5 stars again. Thank you