Bamboo Blocker™ - Foldable Accordion Dog Barrier

$49.95 USD

Free-standing Accordion Dog Barrier

Introducing the Bamboo Blocker™, a free standing, accordion dog barrier inspired by my Bamboo and made with bamboo! This versatile and lightweight barrier has an accordion design which gives you flexibility to block off a variety of areas. It can be extended or compressed and even used as a wrap around. It can also be a great way to block off doorways! And then when you are not using it you can easily fold it up and tuck it out of the way.

Bamboo, like many senior dogs, constantly gets trapped in small spaces such as behind the TV, in between rails, in coffee tables and many other places. Places that once seemed safe and simple have now become household traps. After non-stop rescuing it was time to come up with a solution, something that could gently guide Bamboo away from these household traps, something that was versatile enough to cover a variety of areas.

Bamboo (the material) is an eco-friendly renewable alternative to plastic and is such a beautiful, lightweight material allowing natural light to pass through complimenting any room. 

If your dog is easily confused because they are coping with cognitive issues and/or have poor vision, even the most basic of rooms can be a major challenge. Or perhaps you simply wish to block your dog from entering certain areas of your house. The Bamboo Blocker is a simple solution that gives you peace of mind and keeps your dog away from problem areas.

No assembly required! Measures 48"L x 21"H. With multiple Bamboo Blockers you can easily remove panels from one with a few simple steps and add to another to customize your lengths.

Customizing the Length of Your Bamboo Blocker

If you are like me then you have several Bamboo Blockers to guide your senior dog away from household traps. You might have some areas that need more length than others, but not to worry it is super easy to remove a panel from one Bamboo Blocker and add it to another in a few simple steps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Margaret F. (Edmonton, CA)
Bamboo Blocker a Hit

The bamboo blocker is just what I needed to block access to stairs, when needed, or to another room. It folds up so it doesn't take much space, which I appreciate, and the wood makes it look just fine in any room. My maltese isn't sure she likes the barrier though!

Tanya S.
Beautiful and functional

This is great to block off stairways for my old girl and also blocks our low windows so she is not guarding the fort all the time

Wanda S.
Can't live without them!

These are so amazing....I started with one and then ended up 4 of them. Will probably get more. They are definitely for small dogs, which I have. But they look really nice, and not like baby gates. And the price is really fair.

Debra S.
Awesome blocker works and looks great!

I love this bamboo blocker so much! Works easily, much easier than traditional baby gate. This blocker expands and closes very easily and stores beautifully in very small areas.

Tanya S.
Attractive safety device

This is attractive and works great to block stairway and low windows